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Kona Shoreline Logo


We invite you to join us on a wonderful day of fishing with our ohana (family)! We love everything about the ocean, especially fishing! We were born and raised in the islands, giving us a spiritual connection to the land and sea!

Join us for fishing charters, hiking adventures, and more. We even offer custom trips so your Big Island fishing experience can be whatever you make it.



Hele Mai! We invite you to join us on a wonderful day of fishing with our ohana (family)! We are a unique family-owned shoreline fishing guide service on the beautiful Kona coast of Hawaii!

We love everything about the ocean, especially fishing! We were born and raised in the islands, giving us a spiritual connection to the land and sea! 

Your safety is our number one priority. Our ultimate goal is to ensure you catch fish and have an awesome time doing it! Come be a part of our fishing ohana, where we make memories and friendships that last a lifetime!


Fun for the whole family!

No license needed!

We provide
all the gear

We care about our ocean
and its inhabitants


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Amazing fishing adventure!

This was definitely a highlight of our trip to Kona. We planned this at the last minute the day before we left Hawaii, and I can't thank Lisa enough for answering the phone late in the evening and accommodating us! Judah and David were wonderful guides and made the whole fishing experience very enjoyable and easy. We aren't the most skilled fishermen, but we were catching a variety of fish thanks to the expertise of our guides! Thank you so much for a great experience!!!

– Julia and Steven, TripAdvisor
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Shoreline Fishing in Kailua-Kona

We were on the Big Island in April 2019 with our 2 kids (10yo, 8yo), and we wanted to fish. This shoreline fishing with Judah was the best! Judah was very patient with us and especially our kids as we learned how to fish on the rocky shores. With our party of 6 people, we caught approximately 30-35 fish over a 3-hour timespan. It was nice to have the tent that Judah setup to take a break from the sun and catch a snack. Highly recommended if you don't want to commit to a full day at sea on a boat charter. Great times.

– Jessica, TripAdvisor
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Wonderful Shoreline Fishing in Kona!!

Thank you to Judah and David for making our fishing adventure so fun and memorable. It was the highlight of our stay in Kona! Judah and David provide everything - poles, bait, snacks, drinks, towels...even extra sunscreen! They also setup a shady canopy with chairs. I enjoyed watching the waves and taking photos of my family while they fished. Finally, Judah was extremely responsive and helpful during the planning stages of our trip.

– Jeanne, TripAdvisor
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Amazing fishing experience

My family (son aged 15, daughter aged 13) had such an amazing time we booked twice in less than a week. The fishing experience was incredibly fun and educational. Judah and David were attentive with the lines, restocking the bait, and hooks, and that allowed us to sit back and have fun. We caught over 30 reef fish the first day! Above all that - Judah was knowledgeable about the various types of sealife we encountered - what an educational experience!

– Lillian A., TripAdvisor
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This was an awesome adventure

I rarely write reviews unless the experience is amazing. We booked this at the LAST minute, and Lisa was happy to accommodate us. Judah and David were amazing guides and, with their expertise, we were able to catch a bunch of fish. The area is beautiful and they set up an area to lounge in the shade if necessary, but there wasn't a dull moment so we stayed out the whole time :) Thanks so much for the great time, definitely a huge highlight of our trip to Kona!

– Steven Z., Yelp
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Awesome experience!

I was a first-time fisher, and Judah and David were very accommodating! They were very knowledgeable about the different species of fish, both English and Hawaiian names, and what size they normally grow to. They provided all the gear, poles, bait, etc, so it was super easy for travellers like us to enjoy fishing without shelling out a bunch of money The price is EXTREMELY reasonable, all gear included! (Except for the felt bottom tabi shoes which I HIGHLY recommend getting, the lava rock can be very slippery, worth the money to get them. Once out on the rocks, I was very grateful I had them.)

– Giselle P., Yelp
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Fantastic experience

First Lisa was wonderful with our reservation. And Judah is a very accommodating person. I really appreciated how he handles a bunch of 8 to 10 year old children with no fishing skills in a calm manner. Every kid caught a fish or two. Thanks Judah.

– Jin A., Yelp
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Best people and fishing

We had the pleasure of meeting Lisa and Judah who own Kona Shoreline Fishing. We fish a lot at home, therefore, wanted to try our hand in Kona. What a great experience. Lisa always made sure we had everything we needed. They provide everything for you to fish with right down to the special booties with felt bottoms to navigate the rocks. Judah kept us in bait all the time hopping over those rocks like a gymnast. We caught many varieties of fish. If you want a truly Hawaiian experience inshore fishing, this is definitely who you want to take you. Wonderful, hospitable people.

– Nancy M., TripAdvisor